Sara Ellenbogen, Ph.D, Philosophical Counseling


“Character is not cut in marble;
it is not something solid and unalterable.
It is something living and changing.”

– George Eliot, Middlemarch


Philosophical counseling consists of a trained philosopher helping a client to deal with a problem by examining her thinking about the problem. Its aim is to elicit and examine the thinking behind the feelings that have led the client to seek counseling. Often we live by unexamined assumptions that we are unaware of making. These assumptions can keep us stuck by preventing inquiry into alternative perspectives.

My goal as a philosophical counselor is to facilitate an inquiry into whatever is troubling you through a process of dialogue in which we both actively participate. While I do not do your thinking for you, I am forthcoming about my own thoughts—in a sensitive and respectful manner—and will assist you in pursuing any morally permissibly goal that you have set for yourself. Ultimately, I strive to teach you the philosophical skills that will enable you to solve future problems on your own.



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