Sara Ellenbogen, Ph.D, Philosophical Counseling

“Empty is the argument of the philosopher which does not
relieve any human suffering.”

– Epicurus


Curriculum vitae


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Toronto
Certification, Client Counseling, American Philosophical Practitioner’s Association
M.A., Philosophy, University of Toronto
B.A., Philosophy and Psychology, University of Massachusetts/Boston


American Philosophical Association
Canadian Philosophical Association
American Philosophical Practitioners’ Association

Employment History

Instructor, The Cambridge Center for Adult Education, 2001-2007
Instructor, Middlesex Community College, 2006
Instructor, Quincy College, 2005
Tutorial Leader, University of Toronto, 1994-1995

Selected Publications

on contemporary philosophy

Wittgenstein’s Account of Truth (SUNY Press: 2003)
Short-listed for the Canadian Philosophical Association Book Prize

“On the Link Between Frege’s Platonic-Realist Semantics and his
Doctrine of Private Senses”, Philosophy 72 1997

on philosophical counseling

“Against the Diagnosis of Evil: A Response to M. Scott Peck”,
Philosophical Practice
8 2013



“Wittgenstein and Philosophical Counseling”, Philosophical Practice 2 2006

Selected Presentations

“No Truth Without People: A Response to Glock”
Canadian Philosophical Association, June, 1998

“Wittgenstein’s Account of Truth: A Novel Perspective on the
Semantic Realist/Antirealist Debate”
American Philosophical Association, March, 1998

“On the (Dis)Analogy Between the Self and the External World
in Hume’s Argument Against Personal Identity”
Illinois Philosophical Association, November, 1996

“On the Link Between Frege’s Platonic-Realist Semantics and
His Doctrine of Private Senses”
American Philosophical Association, April , 1995